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Applicants with high school studies done outside of Canada

Admission procedures

If you have a status in Canada (Canadian citizen, permanent resident, refugee or temporary resident), you must apply as a regular applicant at

If you do not have a status in Canada, click here to apply as an international applicant.

Admission requirements

  • To study in Quebec in one of SRAM’s cégeps, applicants must have reached a level of education considered equivalent to a Quebec Secondary School Diploma (SSD), meaning applicants must have completed high school (between 11 and 13 school years depending on the country’s education system)
  • Additional program-specific requirements may apply depending on the chosen program or cégep. For the requirements that may apply to your program, access the Table of available programs

Prerequisite courses

Admission to certain programs requires that you have successfully completed (or that you are currently completing) a mathematics, chemistry and/or physics course at the time of application. If you have completed your studies outside of Canada, the recognition of your prerequisites will be based on the following criteria:

  • Is there a course on your transcripts that has the same name as the prerequisite?
  • Is the level of this course equivalent or superior to the prerequisite?
  • Did you pass the course?

To have a prerequisite granted, the course must be listed as “chemistry” or “physics” or “mathematics” (whichever applicable) on your transcripts with a passing grade. The prerequisite will not be granted if the course is named anything other than the prerequisite required. For example, the “chemistry” prerequisite will not be granted if the course you took was named “sciences”.

In Québec, secondary 4 is the 10th year of study and secondary 5 is the 11th year of study. If the program you are applying to in cégep requires a secondary 4 mathematics course, your transcripts must show that you passed a mathematics course in your 10th or 11th year of study.

What if you don’t have the prerequisites?

  • You can register to pass the courses in an adult education centre in Québec and postpone your plans for cégep to a later semester
  • You can apply to a different program that does not ask for these prerequisites

Documents to provide

Documents will be requested based on your situation. Once you’ll have filled out the application for admission, the system will list the documents you will have to submit to complete your file. These may include:

  • A copy of your birth certificate
  • Copies of you transcripts and diplomas from your last three years of high school and transcripts and diplomas from university studies if applicable* Transcripts from high school studies are essential since the college will decide if you are admissible to college studies and if you meet the prerequisites required for your chosen program based on your secondary level studies.
  • A comparative evaluation of studies completed outside of Canada
  • Documents that are neither in French nor in English must be translated by a certified translator in either of these languages

*Only color printed copies or color scanned documents made directly from the original report cards and diplomas will be accepted. Do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.


Comparative evaluation

In order for a cégep to decide on your admission, a comparative evaluation of your studies completed outside of Canada is needed. You may request while filing out your online application that SRAM produces this evaluation. It’s important to note that SRAM’s evaluations are used for the sole purpose of cégep admissions and are not provided to applicants. A 50$ fee is applicable and you must provide copies of your transcripts from the last three years of high school even if you pursued your studies afterwards.

If you currently hold a comparative evaluation from the ministère de l’Immigration du Québec (MIFI or MIDI or MICC), it may be submitted in lieu of having SRAM prepare a comparative evaluation.

Important! If you have requested that MIDI (previously MICC) prepare an evaluation but you do not have the results in your possession, it is highly recommended to select the option to have SRAM prepare the evaluation to avoid the risk of missing the deadline. Considering your admission is based on your school grades, SRAM cannot accept an MICC or MIDI receipt – you must submit the results of the comparative evaluation prior to the deadline for your application to be considered.

Language test

After completing your application, you may be contacted by the cégep to pass a language test before the cégep decides on your admission. If you do not write this test, your application will be turned down.