Academic Programs

After cégep, you would like to work? Career programs are for you. These 3 year programs provide you with the skills needed to enter the workforce. Plus, a diploma from a career program can also provide access to university.

If you are headed to university right after your college graduation, pre-university programs are what you need. These two year programs prepare you for your university education.

Are you missing prerequisites? Still unsure which program is for you? Thinking of taking a few remedial courses to improve your academic standing? Springboard to a DCS is for you.

For the full list of programs offered in SRAM's cégeps, use the Table of available programs. The description of each program can be found on the college's website or on  Some cegeps released videos to present some of their programs.  You can find the list and the links to watch the videos here.

All pre-university and career program include:

1.  A common general education component for all programs :

  • three courses in the language of instruction and literature for a total of 7 1/3 credits
  • one second language course, 2 credits
  • two philosophy or humanities courses for a total of 4 1/3 credits
  • three physical education courses for a total of 3 credits

2.  A general education component related to the program:

  • one course in the language of instruction and literature, 2 credits
  • one second language course, 2 credits
  • one philosophy or humanities course, 2 credits

3.  A complementary general education component

Two courses, for a total of four credits in one or two of the following areas that are not covered in the specific education component:

  • social sciences
  • science and technology
  • modern languages
  • language of mathematics and computers
  • art and esthetics

4.  An education component specific to the program

  • 28 to 32 units of pre-university sector courses
  • 45 to 65 units of technology sector courses

N. B. One course credit= 45 learning activity hours (theory courses, laboratories, assignments).