Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provides applicants and counselors with information regarding admission procedures 
  • Receives only one application for admission from each applicant and offers up to three rounds for applications
  • Verifies that applications are complete and updates online files accordingly
  • Produces ranking lists of applicants for admission according to criteria established by the cégeps for greater equity
  • Sends applications to the cégeps
  • Posts cegeps' admission answers and refusal letters online 

The applicants

From the moment they apply online until they receive the cégep’s answer, applicants must:

  • Inquire about the procedures and requirements of an application for admission
  • Provide accurate and truthful information in their application
  • Assume entire responsibility in providing to SRAM, before the deadline, valid and legible copies of required documents as well as the payment
  • Verify the status of their application on Check the status of my application menu, then Status of my application submenu to make sure the application is complete and all documents have been received.
  • In the event that documents sent are not accepted (not received or inadequate), verify the source of the problem and correct the situation before the deadline

After a verdict has been reached:

  • You must consult your file online to know the verdict
  • If admitted, applicants must read the letter or email sent from the college and carefully follow their registration process
  • If refused, applicants must login to their online files to read the refusal letter and submit a new choice to participate in the next round

The Cégeps

  • Study the applications
  • Consider marks and other data available in the applicant's file
  • Organize testing sessions or interviews, when required
  • Decide on admissions
  • Reply to admitted applicants with important instructions for registration (by mail or email)
  • Explain their decisions, if required
  • Invite admitted applicants to register; the applicants must respond to this invitation within the prescribed time limit