How to Choose Your Cégep

Once your mind is made up regarding your study program, you might be wondering which cégep to choose. Depending on your language proficiency, many options are available.  Each cégep has its own style, personality and distinctive features.  Your goal is to find a cégep where you will feel comfortable.  Here are a few things you should consider before choosing your cégep:

Where your study program is offered

Any cégep is a good pick since the teaching quality is similar from one college to the next.  To find out which cégeps offer the program you have chosen, visit


Since cégep each have their own style and distinctive features,  you can pick the one that suits you best.  Visit the campus to see if you like the vibe and the environment.  Open houses are a great opportunity to check out cégeps.  See the open house calendar.

Extracurricular activities

You like to move, create, get involved or express yourself? Cégeps are looking for students like you who want to engage in the college life. Get information about the sports and cultural activities available!


Do a test run and see how long it takes to get to the cégep.  Choosing a cégep close to where you live can save you precious time you can use to study, do assignments, sleep or have fun.
Have to move far from home for your studies?  Ask if the cégep has on-campus accommodation or services that can help you find off-campus housing located nearby.


Have Faith in Yourself

No matter which cégep you choose, you will have an equal chance of accessing university or employment.  All cégeps weigh the same in the R Score calculation, so every student gets a fair chance for admission to university.  Consult the BCI (Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire) website for Q&A on the R Score.

So make sure you pick a cégep that suits you
because the best choice
is YOUR choice