The Round System

What is the round system?

The round system is an efficient system set up by SRAM to manage applications for admission. There are two admission periods per year:

  • One for applications to the Fall semester: 3 rounds
  • One for applications to the Winter semester: 2 rounds

A “round” is a portion of the admission period during which you can submit an initial application or you can submit a new choice if you were refused in a previous round.

You may only choose a single program in a single SRAM-affiliated cégep per round. If your application is turned down, you can then apply to the next round for that semester without putting together a new application or paying any additional fees.

Available places

In round 1, the maximum number of places is available to applicants.

Based on the admissions granted in a round, the remaining places are made available in the following round.

There are no new places made available after round 1. At each round for a semester, there are fewer places than at the previous round.


SRAM posts all answers (both admissions and refusals) on your online file according a set timetable.

Notices of admission are sent by mail or email, by the cégeps and the mailing dates are variable.

Refusal notices are added to the applicants' online files on the same day that all answers are posted online.


Admissions are final. Make sure to choose your first choice program when you first apply. If you are admitted, you will not be able to take part in round 2.


If your application is turned down, you may take part in the next round without putting together a new application or paying any additional fees. However, you will have to submit your new choice online at before the next deadline.

First come, first serve?

No. Admissions are not granted on a first-come first-serve basis. All applications completed before the deadline of a round are processed together as part of that round.

It’s important that in rounds 2 and 3, you make sure your new program choice has places available by accessing the Table of available places.

Why only one choice per round?

Prior to the round system, applicants could apply to many programs in many cégeps at once. Applicants with the strongest standing were admitted to more than one cégep. These applicants “reserved” spots that would remain empty come the start of the school year. Applicants with slightly lower grades were more often refused due to limited spaces.

With the round system, an applicant cannot reserve more than one place. Cégeps can now expect that an admitted applicant will be a registered student come the start of the school year. Indeed, SRAM’s admission rates are around 95% amongst the students that take part in up to 3 rounds.