Frequently asked questions

Can I apply to multiple SRAM cégeps to make sure I am admitted?

No, you cannot submit multiple applications amongst the 32 SRAM-affiliated cégeps. You must choose one program in one cégep.

If you receive a notice of refusal, you will then have the option to submit a new choice of program and/or of cégep to participate in Round 2, or if necessary, Round 3 (3 rounds for the fall semester, 2 rounds for the winter semester).

Find out more here.

Can I e-mail my documents to SRAM?

No, SRAM does not accept any documents sent by e-mail. You have to upload your documents online via the Consult My File menu, then the Upload Documents submenu of the Omnivox website

 Copies must be scanned in color from the originals. Please note that to be accepted, all documents must be clear, legible and showing no trace of alteration. Do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.

How do I cancel my application?

You cannot cancel your application through the sram.omnivox system. Depending on your situation, one of the following procedures applies.

    Changing your cégep or program choice before being admitted:

    • You can change your choice online before the deadline of each round (provided your application is not currently being evaluated by a cégep)
    • Logon to
    • Make sure you’ve paid the application fees
    • Select “modify my choice” and select your new choice of program and/or cégep
    • We will process the choice registered on your file on the deadline of the current round
    • You cannot modify your choice once your application is being evaluated by a cégep

    Changing your choice after you’ve been accepted:

    • You cannot take part in the next round or modify your choice if you’ve been accepted in a previous round: make the correct choice right from Round 1!
    • If you find yourself in an exceptional situation and you are unable to continue your studies in the cégep where you’ve been admitted, you can contact the cégep where you would like to study and ask about the possibility of a transfer. If that cégep accepts, you’ll also have to contact the cégep where you were accepted to receive their authorization.

    Changing your choice of program in the same cégep, after you’ve been accepted:

    • If you’ve received a notice of acceptance from your cégep and you would like to change programs, please contact your cégep directly.

    If you no longer wish to go to cégep:

    • If your application is complete, please note that application fees are non-refundable under all circumstances. Complete applications will be processed and you will receive an answer from the cégep. If you are not accepted, don’t take part in the next round and your application will cancel itself out at the end of admissions. If you are accepted, read the admission letter the cégep will have sent you to find out how to cancel your admission.
    • If you require proof that you cancelled your admission, please contact the cégep where you were accepted.
    • If your application is not completed, it will cancel itself out at the end of admission. If this is the option you chose, we recommend you logon to your SRAM account and remove the automatic call option to avoid receiving reminder calls from us.

    How should I send documents to SRAM?

    The fastest and most effective way to send your documents is to upload them via sram.omnivox.  Choose the Consult My File menu from the sram,omnivox website and then click on the Upload Documents submenu.

     Documents must be scanned in color from the originals. It's also possible to send a color photocopy of your transcripts and diplomas by mail. Please note, to be accepted all documents have to be clear, readable and showing no trace of alteration.

     By uploading your documents directly to your online file, you avoid the risk of illegible documents there are no delays during this transaction. Applicants can verify within a minute that the electronic transmission was successful by clicking on the Consult My File menu, then on the Status of Your Application submenu.

    Mail should be avoided as a means to send in documents. Delays are often longer than expected and this can compromise your application. If you still prefer to send us your documents by mail, you will have to attach your transmission receipt along with your documents. SRAM’s address is: 5701, rue Christophe-Colomb, Montréal, Québec, H2S 2E9. Note that SRAM does not accept documents by email or fax.  Do not contact SRAM to know if your documents have been received : as soon as we get them, the Status of Your Application on your online file will state if your documents are adequate and if your file is complete. 


    Have you received the documents I sent ?

    To verify if SRAM has received your document, go on, click on the Consult My File menu, then on the Status of Your Application submenu to check if your file is complete. Please allow 24 hours for your documents to be processed if you uploaded them to your online file. Otherwise, you should refer to the postal delay.


    How long does it take for documents sent to SRAM to be displayed on your website?

    If your documents have been uploaded directly to your online file through sram.omnivox, the reception will appear immediately in the Status of your application section of your online file.  You will then see that they are in evaluation since a SRAM specialist will check if they meet the requirements.  After 24 hours, you will be able to see if your documents are adequate and if your file is complete.

    If you dropped your documents directly to SRAM's office, please allow 24 hours before consulting the Status of your application on your online file.  You will then be able to see if your documents are adequate and of your file is complete.

    If you sent your documents by mail, SRAM cannot be held responsible for delivery delays.  Your documents will be analyzed as soon as we get them.  Sending documents by mail is not recommended since delivery time is uncertain and SRAM does not consider the postal service stamp. If you do so do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.  Only documents received by SRAM before deadline will be added to your file for the current Round.  Do not call SRAM to know of your documents have been received : check your online file as the Status of your application section will tell you if they are in.

    I uploaded a document to my file and the status is now set to “processing”. How come?

    When you upload a document to your online file, the status is instantly set to “processing”. Once one of our agents has had the chance to review the content and legibility of the document, the status will be updated accordingly.

    What is the transmission receipt?

    The transmission receipt is a document to print out that includes your file number, your name, the application transmission date, the deadline to send in any missing documents, SRAM’s address, the documents to be sent to SRAM and the payment methods.


    If you are sending in documents by mail or if you are bringing them in person, the transmission receipt must be included. However, there is no need to include the transmission receipt when uploading documents via the Omnivox website, Consult My File menu, and Upload Documents submenu.


    You can print out the transmission receipt by clicking on the Consult My File menu, then on the icon document at the top of the Status of Your Application page.

    I have been asked to submit a university transcript. Do I have to send in an official transcript from the university’s registrar office?

    No, you do not have to send in an official transcript. SRAM accepts copies of transcripts. This document is optional.

    I studied at the post-secondary level outside of Canada. Why am I being asked to send my academic grades and my diploma from secondary school?

    To be admissible to study in Québec at one of SRAM-affiliated cégeps, applicants must have reached a level of education that is equivalent to a Québec Secondary School Diploma (SSD) and meet the specific conditions of the chosen program, if required. The cégeps evaluate the applicants’ file first and foremost on the basis of secondary level academic grades.

     If you do not have a Comparative Evaluation for Studies Done Outside Québec from the Ministère de l'Immigration (MICC or MIDI), SRAM needs your academic grades from secondary school to prepare a comparative evaluation for you. If you only send your grades from the post-secondary level, your documents will appear as “invalid” on the status of your application. Your application will be sent out to the cégep only when your academic grades form the last three years of secondary school as well as your most recent diploma and certificates will be received by SRAM.

    For more information for applicants with studies outside of Canada, click here.

    What is the “Certificat de Sélection du Québec”?

    The “Certificat de Sélection du Québec” is an official immigration document. It is not mandatory to send this document to SRAM and the application will be considered complete if all other mandatory documents and the payment have been received by SRAM.

    What is the “Complementary Information on Adults’ Academic Records”?

    It is a proof of registration in adult education which confirms the dates of the beginning and end of the courses you are taking.  It can also features final grades for some classes.  The adult education counsellor must send the “Complementary Information on Adults’ Academic Records” to SRAM electronically. When the course is completed, SRAM will obtain the grades directly from the Ministery of Education.

    How can I ask SRAM to produce a comparative evaluation of my studies?

    To be admitted to college, applicants must hold a Quebec Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent. For those who have completed their studies in another country, a Comparative Evaluation of Studies Done Outside Québec must be provided with the application. This evaluation can be done by the ministère de l’Immigration (MICC or MIDI) or by SRAM.


    When applying, applicants who do not have a Comparative Evaluation of Studies Done Outside Québec issued by the ministère de l’Immigration du Québec (MICC or MIDI), should take into consideration that the production time at the Ministère is long (up to 12 months) and that this document is mandatory to complete the application for admission.


    Therefore, applicants may ask SRAM to produce a Comparative Evaluation of Studies Done Outside Québec. To do this they must:


    • Fill out the application online and select the option in the online application indicating you'd like SRAM to produce your Comparative Evaluation. An additional fee applies.
    • Provide SRAM clear photocopies of:
    • Report cards from the last three years of secondary studies (mandatory for all applicants, even those with university level studies),
    • Report cards from post-secondary studies, if applicable
    • Diplomas and certificates obtained.


    If the documents are written in a language other than English or French, SRAM requires translations of all documents in one of these two languages. The translations must be performed by a certified translator and be provided in addition to the documents in the original language. Do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.


    Please note that the comparative evaluation prepared by SRAM is used only for the purpose of college admission within one of SRAM's cégeps and is not handed out to the applicant.


    I sent in the receipt from my MIDI (or MICC) comparative evaluation but this document still shows as missing on my online file. How come?

    The receipt or any other document confirming you have a pending comparative evaluation at the MICC is not accepted. You must submit a copy of the comparative evaluation itself along with copies of the transcripts and diplomas (scanned in color from the original) that were used in the evaluation before the deadline.  WARNING! Production of the Comparative evaluation by MICC usually takes many months (up to 12 months).  When submitting your application to SRAM, if your documents have been sent to MICC less than 12 months prior, you should ask SRAM to prepare a Comparative evaluation in order for your file to be completed before deadline.

    I’m planning on taking a prerequisite course before the start of the cégep school year. How can I include this information in my file?

    It is highly recommended that you be registered for the prerequisite(s) before submitting an application. If you are currently enrolled in an adult education centre, you’ll be asked to provide a “Complementary Information on Adults’ Academic Records" with your application. This document prepared by your academic advisor details out the courses you are taking and the grades obtained thus far.


    If registering to the prerequisite before applying to cégep isn't possible, you may upload a letter to you file indicating your intention on completing the course prior to the start of the cégep school year. It should be noted, however, that this will not eliminate the chances of refusal for “Insufficient prerequisites”.

    Does the date at which I submit my application have an impact on my admission chances?

    As long as you complete your application before the deadline of the Round in which you are participating, there is no incidence on your chances of being admitted. Applications are only processed once the deadline is passed.


    We highly recommend, however, that you prepare your application as early as possible, to make sure your application is complete long before the deadline. You will be able to change your choices of cégep or program as many times as you like up until the deadline, as long as you've completed the payment.

    What is the purpose of the Consult My File menu?

    This menu’s provides you with the following options:


    • Consult the status of your application (complete application, invalid or missing documents, missing payment)
    • Upload documents to your file
    • Pay the application fees
    • Modify your contact information
    • Modify your choice of cégep or of program
    • Consult the Table of Available Programs
    • Verify if a decision has been reached by the college


    I have already completed my application for admission and would now like to pay by credit credit card. How should I proceed?

    Return on the Consult My File menu on the secured website. Enter your file number and your date of birth and click on CONTINUE. You will then have access to the Pay Application Fees submenu. This will allow you to pay by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.  Please note that the application fees are non-refundable.

    How can I change my choice of program or of cégep?

    It is possible to change your choice before the deadline of the round you wish to apply to only if the application fees have been paid. You will have to go to and choose the Consult My File menu. Enter your file number and your date of birth. Click on CONTINUE and then on the Modify My Choice submenu. You will then be able to change program and/or cégep.

    How can I take part in Round 2?

    To apply in Round 2, you must satisfy one of the following two conditions:


    1-      You applied to Round 1 and received a notice of refusal

    2-      You did not apply to Round 1


    If you were admitted in Round 1, you do not have access to Rounds 2 or 3. The same is true if you have been admitted in Round 2: you may not apply to Round 3.


    If you’ve been refused in Round 1, log on to and select Consult my file. You can then change your cégep and/or program choice under the Modify my choice menu. Visit the Table of available spaces to make sure your choice is open in Round 2.


    If you did not apply to Round 1, go to and choose Submit an application for admission and follow the instructions. Make sure that your choice is open in Round 2.


    For deadlines, click here.


    What is the work-study option?

    The work-study option in technical programs combines training periods in a college and career-oriented work placements that lead to the diploma of college studies.


    This option generally includes at least two paid work placements (12 to 16 weeks) and takes up at least 20% of the training. It usually extends the length of the technical program.


    The time spent in the workplace helps the student to better define his or her academic endeavors because it combines theory and practice while increasing the chances of the final year student to find a job that is related to his or her field of study.

    I received an automated telephone message at home. Why?

    During the online application process, you selected the option to receive telephone reminders if your application was incomplete.


    You must provide the missing documents or the payment to complete your application for admission. Only complete applications will be forwarded to cégeps for evaluation. To know what's missing, log on to your application at

    Is the information contained on this site identical to what appears in the printed version of the Table of Available Programs?

    Yes. However, you will find the latest news and further information on this site.

    What is the deadline to complete an application for admission to SRAM?

    The deadline to complete an application to the Fall semester is March 1, 11:59 p.m. and November 1, 11:59 p.m. for the Winter semester. All documents, including the payment must be received by SRAM before the deadline. However, it is possible to apply and take part in Round 2 of the Winter semester or Round 2 or 3 of the Fall semester. Those deadlines, as well as the available spaces, are always displayed on our website.

    How do I submit an application?

    Go to and fill your application by following the instructions.

    Are there application fees?

    Yes. The fee for an application is $30. You can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (prepaid cards are not accepted) or by sending a money order or a certified cheque made out to SRAM. The fee is, in all cases, non-refundable.

    Do I have to provide a copy of my birth certificate?

    It depends on where you were born. Applicants born in Quebec do not have to send copies of their birth certificate.
    Applicants born elsewhere else in Canada or in another country must send their birth certificate in order to complete their file. Do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.

    I wasn’t born in Canada. Must I submit documents concerning my status?

    Yes, applicants born outside of Canada must submit documents that validate their status:

    • An applicant who is a Canadian citizen born outside of Canada must submit a proof of Canadian citizenship (photocopy of both sides of their citizenship card or their Canadian passport).   
    • An applicant residing in Canada who is not a Canadian citizen must submit a document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada attesting to his or her status in Canada.
    • An applicant who holds a Quebec Selection Certificate must submit a copy of this certificate.
    • An international applicant who holds a permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada must submit a copy of this permit in addition to a birth certificate. If the birth certificate is not written in either French or English, it must be officially translated by a professional translator in either of these languages.

    If you completed your high school education outside of Canada as well, please click here for more information.

    How do cégeps evaluate applications?

    SRAM-affiliated cégeps use ranking lists to evaluate applications. Applicants are ranked to determine whether or not they are eligible, to compare them to one another and to choose the best suited candidates for limited enrolment programs where applications outnumber available places. All marks from Secondary 4 and 5 are used in the ranking process (as well as cegep marks for students that have already completed cegep courses). Average deviations are then calculated in each course.  An applicant whose grade is above the average in a particular course has a positive deviation and earns points in the ranking. If applicants pass optional Secondary 5 mathematics, chemistry or physics, they will be given a bonus. Furthermore, some subjects are weighed more than others for the purpose of ranking applicants. These “heavier” subjects depend on the college program chosen. For example, if applicants choose the Science Program in cégep, high school results in mathematics and science will be given a greater importance. For applicants in English institutions, English is in all cases a “heavy subject” of major importance for both the applicant’s high school score and ranking. (That would be French for applicants in French institutions). Also, there are bonus points for applicants who hold between 64 and 88 credits of secondary level.

    On what basis will a cégep refuse an applicant?

    Although cégeps admit a large number of applicants that have good school records, there are precise reasons for refusing a student. Please visit click here for the list of possible reasons.

    In the event that an applicant is refused, SRAM’s three-round system allows refused applicants to try again. In the Fall of 2015, 95% of applicants that completed the entire application process were admitted - so don't lose hope !

    As an adult applicant, how will my application be evaluated?

    Your chosen cégep will evaluate your adult secondary school record and your regular secondary school record. Adult applicants may also include a letter summarizing their educational progression and relevant experience along with their school record.