Programs of study

Cégeps offer two types of programs:

  • Technical programs
  • Pre-University programs

Technical programs are much like short-term vocational higher education programs offered all over the world. In Québec, technical programs last three years and prepare students for employment although it is possible to continue on to university after a technical program as the principal admission requirement to university is a DCS. Technical programs are organized into 7 major fields:

  • Biological Technologies : health, biomedical, environmental management, forest technologies
  • Agricultural Technologies : agricultural management and production, food quality, horticulture, landscaping
  • Physical Technologies: engineering technologies (mechanical, electronic, civil, building, metallurgical), architecture, geomatics, aeronautics, urban planning, laboratory, etc.
  • Community Technologies : education, counseling, leisure, library
  • Business Administrative Technologies : business, records management, computer science, logistics, tourism, hotel and restaurant management
  • Applied Arts : theatre, dance, graphic design, design, fashion, arts and crafts
  • Graphic Communications : prepress computer graphics and printing

Please note that not all programs are open to international students. For the complete list of SRAM cégep programs available to international applicants, click here. Pre-University programs last two years for the most part and prepare the Québécois student for studies at the university level.

Online Table of Available Programs

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International students must be in Canada to pursue their college studies since they will need to attend some face-to-face classes.   No distance learning from abroad is permitted.