Exciting opportunities for technical DCS graduates

Graduates from technical programs generally have little trouble finding a job in Quebec and this has been the case for the past few years regardless of recent job market fluctuations. Technical DCS graduates fare better in the labour force than the rest of Québec’s working population.

On Pygma.ca, you will find detailed informations as well as placement rates for all technical DCS programs.

A cégep education is a guaranty of quality and recognition by Quebec and Canadian businesses and more and more by countries around the world.

Choosing your program and having your qualifications recognized in your home country

We recommend that international students who wish to return to their home country once they"ve completed their DSC ensure that their qualifications will be recognized prior to their departure, particularly in the case of health related programs, for two main reasons:

  • Some specializations are specific to Quebec and may not exist in your country of origin
  • Additionally, some specializations are regulated by professional associations. In those cases, it’s important that you verify that your qualifications will be recognized by the association upon your return.

Studying in Québec: Liven up your studies and boost up your employment prospects

The number of international students that choose to study in a Quebec cégep increases every year. If you choose to be among them, you’ll benefit from a motivating learning environment in North America’s only francophone province. You’ll enjoy high quality public education leading to exciting career opportunities, with dynamic teachers recognized for their excellence in teaching and for their commitment, in modern establishments with cutting edge technologies and an administrative team at your service.

Quebec is one of Canada’s provinces that invest the most in research in education. Its education system and institutions have been recognized around the world in international studies on quality and performance (OECD, PISA)

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