Applying for Admissions

Before visiting the online application site, it is important to take note that depending on your individual case, the following documents may be required:

  • A copy of your birth certificate;
  • Transcripts from the last three years of secondary studies along with any transcripts, certificates or diplomas from post-secondary studies, if applicable;
  • Result from the proficiency test in the language of instruction, if required by the college;
  • The payment: the application fees are non-refundable and are payable either by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card or prepaid credit card directly on the admission website or by sending by mail an international postal or bank money order in Canadian ($85) or American ($80) funds or in Euros (€65).

Documents that are neither in French nor in English must be accompanied by a certified translation in either of these languages (done by a certified and registered translator). Do not send original document. SRAM is not returning any documents.

Ready to apply?

Simply go to and click on Apply for admission.

Then carefully fill-in the online application form. To select your college and program, please refer to Table of Available Programs for international applicants.

After clicking on "Transmit my application for admission" at the end of the process, a list of required documents will appear on the page "Application for admission transmitted to SRAM" as well as on "Print my transmission receipt". We suggest you print this list and take down your file number or application file number. Your transmission receipt must be sent with your documents, before the specified deadline. SRAM’s fax number and address will appear on the transmission receipt and on the page “Application for admission transmitted to SRAM”.

Please note that your application for admission will only be considered by the college once all requested documents and the payment have been received by SRAM before the deadline.

If you are admitted: you will receive a letter of admission from the cégep in three original copies in which you will see instructions to download the Quebec Acceptance Certificate Application Form. Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the form. You can then request your Quebec Certificate for Studies.

Once the certificate is obtained, you should apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada through the Canadian Embassy or Consulate to obtain a study permit. To do so, you may refer to: You must then submit the letter of admission and the Quebec Acceptance Certificate for Studies.

Your admission is definitive once you have obtained both documents.