Information for parents

Your child is interested in pursuing technical higher education studies in a Québec cégep? For 50 years now, cégeps have welcomed students 17 years old and older from around the world. SRAM and cégeps make every effort to provide information pre-departure and continue to assist your child upon their arrival. International students benefit from much support from cégep staff but also from fellow Québécois and international students.

School year

The cégep school year is split into two semesters :

  • Fall semester : begins in late August, and applications for admissions must be submitted no later than March the same year
  • Winter semester : begins in January, and applications for admissions must be submitted before September of the previous year

The year before the start of the cegep school year…

  • First step : gather information on the programs, visit SRAM during a higher education fair in your country (France), get in touch with the cegep or SRAM if you have questions
  • Second step: Fill out the online application for admission
  • Third step: The cégep evaluates your application and decides on your admission
  • Fourth step: The applicant receives the cegep’s answer online and by mail

Each year, a team from SRAM and from cégeps visit education fairs in France and in Belgium. Visit the news section of our website for the locations and dates of these events. Application procedures: Applications for admission are submitted online at Once the form is filled out, the system will list the documents you must submit and fees you must pay to complete your file. Your application will then be forwarded to your chosen cégep.

Application procedures: Applications for admission are submitted online at Once the form is filled out, the system will list the documents you must submit and fees you must pay to complete your file. Your application will then be forwarded to your chosen cégep.

If the application is accepted: The cégep becomes the preferred contact for further information. The school years ends in May, so it will be easier to be in touch with a representative beforehand, before services are reduced for the summer months (from June to early August). Admitted applicants receive a letter of admission from the cégep and must then apply for the Quebec Acceptance Certificate and Canadian study permit. The cégep’s letter of admission includes information regarding course registrations and the start of the school year.

If the application is turned down : depending on when the application was completed (all documents and payments received) and the reason for refusal, it may be possible for refused applicants to make a new choice or program andor cégep.

Winter semester: It is possible to start cégep in January for the Winter semester, but this does not apply to all programs. The vast majority of students begin the school year with the Fall semester at the end of August. The safest bet for international students is to complete their applications February of the same year they wish to start their studies. For general information on programs, you may contact SRAM or t the cégep offering the program.

Registration: Cégeps send out instructions for course registration to admitted candidates.

During the school year: Students enjoy support and guidance services throughout the year (teachers, student services, housing services, guidance counsellors, academic advisors, psychological counselling, etc.) These support systems focus on developing the student’s autonomy.

Welcoming international students

Accueil Plus in Montreal : Regardless of where students end up studying in Quebec, their flight will land in Montreal. A welcome team receives students during the month of August right till the start of the school year and helps them reach their final destination. Some cégeps have their own welcome team to greet international students. Get-togethers and orientation activities are organized for students to feel at home in their new environment.


The quality of life and security in Québec cities and regions is well-recognized. Québec has a reputation of being an open and welcoming place. It’s easy to build relationships and to find help when needed. Security agents are present on campuses and in student residences to ensure a peaceful and secure environment.

Student services

Cégeps offer a wide range of services to assist their students and foster academic success.

  • Individual meetings with teachers
  • Support from an academic advisor
  • Guidance counselling
  • Learning Centres (refresher courses, tutoring and assistance with more difficult subject matters)
  • Staff available at the Student life services to provide advice and respond to student needs
  • Psychological support appointments available with the cégep’s professionals
  • Assistance with access to health services and in some cases, on campus nurses
  • Placement services and assistance in job searching in Québec after graduation

Health and social services

A Québec-France agreement provides health coverage to French students. Students from other countries must purchase private health insurance. For additional information, visit Cégeps international (information in French only).

Following your child’s integration and school year

Many parents of international students worry about their child’s academic performance and contact the cégep for information on their child’s wellbeing, particularly during the first year of their program. It’s important to note that this is not common practice in Québec. Québec laws stipulate that no information may be shared about a student without the student’s express authorisation once he or she reaches the legal adult age (18 years of age in Canada).