The cost of studies

There is an 85$CAD (80USD, or 65€) fee to submit an application for admissions. This includes the fee for a Comparative Evaluation of Studies done outside Canada that will be sent to the cégep as part of your file.

Cégep tuition fees range from around 12 360$CAD to 19 160$CAD for international students, depending on the program of study. International students have access to scholarships and financial aid such as tuition fee exemptions (link in French only).

Additional expenses should be expected and provided for: registration fees, certificate of acceptance, study permit, transportation, housing, food, books, insurance, clothing, etc. A budget must be prepared accordingly.


Setting a budget for the first year of cégep

This budget looks at the average cégep student lifestyle. Amounts may be inferior or superior depending on your spending habits. The table suggests what should be provided for the first 12 months as a cégep student in Québec (exchange rates applicable in October 2019)

For a foreign studentIn eurosIn Canadian dollars Comments
SRAM application fees€ 65$ 85
Québec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ)€ 79$ 114To obtain the Québec Certificate of Acceptance, the government of Québec requires a proof of financial resources to cover living expenses during the entire stay, or $ 11 825 (Canadian) per person per year.
Canadian resident permit € 103
+ € 59 for biometric informations*
$ 150
+ $ 85 for biometric informations*
*Applicants from specified countries will have to provide biometric informations.
See the Canadian Ministry of Immigration website for more information.
Health and hospital insurance€ 472$ 684French students are exempted from this obligation under a France – Québec agreement (except at ITHQ).
Tuition feesbetween
€ 8 793
€ 13 630
$ 12 744
$ 19 754
These fees vary according to the academic program. They are set by the Québec Ministry of Education** and are payable in two installments
at the beginning of each semester.
**Prices are subject to change without notice.

French students pay the same fees as Québec students under a France – Québec agreement. Consequently, they are exempted from tuition fees (except at ITHQ).
Ancillary fees€ 276$ 400These fees are mandatory, and allow students to access various services offered by the cégeps. Amounts vary by cégep.
Living expenses (including housing, groceries, leisure activities, books and school supplies)€ 8 800$ 12 750Based on the average student's lifestyle
Winter Clothing€ 414$ 600

Note: The prices in euros are estimated based on the exchange rate in October 2019. SRAM application fees are a flat fee, however.