SRAM (Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain) was founded in 1973 by 14 cégeps in the Montreal area searching for a solution to the problem of multiple applications for admission.

Since fall of 1973, with the objective of admissibility, applicants have been limited to one application for admission within this group of cégeps with the possibility of participating in up to three rounds. Since each applicant reserves only one place, the admission rate increases and cégeps can count on actual candidates.

Throughout the years, other cégeps have asked to become members of SRAM. SRAM is now made up of 32 organizations and offers services to students, institutions, and cégep and college-level networks.

The owl was chosen as SRAM's logo in October 1981 and has since become its trademark. This owl, sitting on "SRAM" letters representes both the short-eared owl and the wood owl.

The owl has the necessary skills to find its way in the dark: fine tuned judgment, seriousness and wisdom. SRAM's owl is in flight, representing the action that follows careful consideration in orientation and admission endeavours. As for the wood owl, in Roman mythology Minerva was the goddess of wisdom and science.

In 2007, SRAM rejuvenated its logo but kept the flying owl symbolism. The owl is supported by the word "SRAM".