CEGEP admission process

Your status in Canada affects the specific application process for admission to SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs that applies to you. It will determine what type of application you need to submit as well as the specific documents you will be requested to provide.

There are two types of applications for a DCS program (also called regular program) : regular application and international application.

To submit a regular application for admission, your status in Canada must be one of the following:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Permanent resident
  • Refugee (with a Confirmed Decision Notice)
  • Temporary resident holding a CAQ (Certificat d'acceptation du Québec) AND a Canadian Study permit still valid when submitting the application

As for temporary residents (ex. holders of work permit or visitor's visa or refugee protection claimant), it is recommended to apply as a regular applicant only in Round 1 of the Fall semester since it's the only application period leaving a sufficient time span to obtain a CAQ and a Study permit before the beginning of the semester. At any other time, it is advised to apply as international applicants.

If none of the abovementioned statuses correspond to your situation, you must submit an international application for admission.

Refer to the following sections for complete details on the admission process depending on the training type you are interested in : regular DCS (Diploma of collegial studies) programs or continuing education programs.

Admission in Continuing education programs is usually reserved for people who already have a status in Canada since these programs start soon after the admission period.  Therefore people who don't meet one of the requirements listed above for regular application won't be able to obtain the CAQ and Study permit before classes start.

Individuals from other countries who wish to study in Québec and in a SRAM-affiliated CEGEP can find details on their specific situation in the section entitled Admission process for regular DCS programs.