Different types of programs of study

SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs offer over 100 different programs of study. There are two types of Diplomas of College Studies (DCS) that correspond to two different types of programs: technical programs and pre-university programs. DCSs are normally offered as part of the regular programs of college-level educational institutions but may also be obtained through continuing education programs. 

A Technical DCS is obtained upon completion of a three-year program that prepares students for the job market. Technical programs focus on the acquisition of specific skills required for various positions corresponding to the chosen field of study. In most cases, technical programs also allow students to continue on to university in a program of study in the same area of specialty. Technical programs always include at least one workplace internship. 

A pre-university DCS is generally obtained upon completion of a two-year program that prepares students for university students. Pre-university programs do not prepare students for the job market.

In addition to offering DCS programs, CEGEPs also offer a pathway to college-level studies through the Springboard to a DCS. This particular program can be useful for certain people before starting a technical or pre-university program, specifically when they are unsure which program to take or if they are missing prerequisite courses.  

CEGEPs also offer programs leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS). These are technical programs for adults that provide access to the job market or career advancement. ACSs are always offered through the continuing education programs of CEGEPs, which vary in duration.  


Students who have just recently obtained their Secondary School Diploma are not eligible for ACS programs.


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