Cost of studies

Annual tuition fees for full-time studies at the CEGEP level depend on your situation.

Annual tuition fees

Status in Canada

Cost of tuition

Canadian resident or permanent resident status
AND Québec resident
Canadian resident or permanent resident status
AND non-Québec resident
Between $14,420 and $22,348 per year, depending on the program of study.
International student Between $14,420 and $22,348 per year, depending on the program of study.

In addition to tuition fees, you will be required to pay ancillary fees. These range between $100 and $400, depending on your CEGEP, program of study and status in Canada.  

French citizens do not have to pay tuition fees as a result of an agreement between France and Québec. However, this agreement does not apply to Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ); therefore, we recommend that you visit the institute’s website for information on the cost of studies. Students from other countries may apply for academic scholarships or financial assistance .

International applicants must also anticipate additional costs for: registration, a Québec Acceptance Certificate, a study permit, transportation, housing, food, books, insurance, clothing, etc.

The following sample budget takes into account the lifestyle of an average student, which means that the real amounts may actually be higher or lower. This table gives students an indication of the financial resources they will need for all twelve months of their first year of studies in Québec (based on the exchange rate in September 2023).

Cost of studies
For foreign students In euros In Canadian dollars Comments
SRAM application for admission fees 65 € $85
Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) 96 € $128 In order to obtain a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), the Government of Québec requires that students provide proof of adequate financial resources to cover living expenses for the duration of their stay.
Study permit 114 €
+ 65 € for biometric data collection, if required*
+ $85 for biometric data collection, if required*

*Applicants from certain countries are required to provide biometric data.

Visit the website of the Canadian Department of Immigration for more information. 

Health insurance and hospitalization 621€ $816

Students from some countries (such as France and Belgium) are exempt from this requirement under the terms of  agreements between their country and Québec (this does not apply to students of the ITHQ)  Consult this Québec government webpage for information

Tuition fees and costs between
10 960 €
16 985 €

Fees vary according to program of study. These fees are established by the 
ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec** and are payable in two instalments at the start of each semester. 

French students pay the same tuition fees as Québec students under the terms of an agreement between France and Québec. As such, they are exempt from paying tuition fees (this does not apply for students of the ITHQ).

**Fees are subject to change without notice. 

Ancillary fees 304 € $400 These fees are mandatory and give students access to various services offered by the CEGEP. Amounts vary by CEGEP.
Living expenses (including housing, food, leisure and recreation, books and school supplies) 10 542 € $15,078 Based on the average student’s lifestyle
Winter clothing 457 € 600 $

If you wish to study part time, contact your CEGEP for tuition fees amounts.


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