Springboard to a DCS

The Springboard to a DCS program of study does not lead to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) in and of itself. Instead, it is a pathway that allows students to pursue their studies and integrate into a DCS program at a later time.

Depending on the CEGEP the student chooses, the Springboard to a DCS program allows students to explore programs if they are still undecided, take math or science courses they need to meet the admission requirements (prerequisites) of a specific program or take college-level classes in order to improve their academic record.

The Springboard to a DCS program is a full-time semester during which students take general education courses that can be applied towards any DCS program. Other courses are also taken, in accordance with the student’s academic objectives. These courses are determined by the CEGEP.

The following table presents the remedial courses offered in CEGEPs. These courses give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge equivalent to high-school courses that are considered prerequisites for admission to certain programs of study. They can be taken as part of the Springboard to a DCS program. 


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