Summer courses

Registration to summer courses is done in April directly in cegeps, not to SRAM.  If you are a cegep  student,  you have to contact your cegep's registrar's office.  If you are not a cegep student, please contact the cegep offering the summer course you want.

You will find below useful information to register for summer courses at cégeps members of SRAM. These courses are offered to students who wish to retake a failed course, complete their collegial education or meet university entrance requirements. Registration will be possible at the dates and hours indicated.  Please contact your cegep for information on English summer courses in the Montreal area.

Please click on the following links (this information is in French only)* :

*Important information regarding english CEGEPs

Summer course registration is not related to SRAM for these english colleges:

    Champlain College
    Cégep Heritage College
    John Abbott College
    Vanier College
    Dawson College

Please contact those colleges directly if you wish to register to their summer courses.