Technical programs

Technical DCS programs last three years and focus on preparing students for the job market. It is, of course, still possible for students to continue onto university programs whose main admission requirement is a DCS.

Technical programs fall into one of 7 different categories:

  1. Biological technologies : health, biomedical, environmental protection, forest technologies

  2. Agricultural technologies : agricultural management and production, food quality, horticultural production, landscaping

  3. Physical technologies : engineering technologies (mechanical, electronic, civil, building, metallurgical), architecture, geomatics, aeronautics, urban planning, laboratory, etc.

  4. Humanities : law, education, social work, leisure and recreation, documentation

  5. Business administration technologies : management, office automation, computer science, logistics, tourism, hotel and restaurant management

  6. Arts : music, theatre, dance, graphic design, design, fashion, fine arts

  7. Graphic communications : computer graphics and printing

Technical DCS programs consist of both a general education component (language, physical education, philosophy) and a component specific to the chosen discipline, and always include at least one workplace internship.

Technical programs are comparable to short-term higher-education programs offered around the world. (Case in point, CEGEPs have entered into student mobility agreements with IUTs and secondary schools in France that prepare students for the BTS.) At the same time, the practice of certain disciplines may be restricted in some countries where it is governed by national standards or professional associations. What distinguishes the technical training provided in Québec CEGEPs is the quality of the equipment and laboratories to which students have access during their training as well as the skill-based approach that is constantly updated to meet the highest standards of the job market.

For more information on Technical DCS programs and the jobs students can get after obtaining their diploma, visit the website.

To find out which programs are offered in SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs, consult the Table of Available Programs .


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