SRAM charges a fee for processing your application.  These fees are non-refundable, since as soon as you submit an application via the admission.sram.qc.ca website, the work of preparing your file begins.

Applicable fees based on situation
Type of applicant Service provided Cost Required or not
Regular applicant Admission File $30 Required
Comparative evaluation + $50 Depending on situation
International applicant Admission File + Comparative Evaluation* $85 CAD or $80 USD or 65 EUR Required

*If a comparative evaluation was completed as part of a prior application for admission, the cost is $35 CAD.
Continuing education applicant Admission File (1st choice) $30 Required
Additional choices (max. 2) + $10 per additional choices Optional
Comparative evaluation + $50 Depending on situation

File processing fees must be paid when completing your application—in other words, they must be paid before the deadline. SRAM will not send your application to the CEGEP if fees are unpaid. Note that these fees do not cover tuition or other school fees, which must be paid to the CEGEP as part of its registration process (if you are admitted). 

Accepted methods of payment

Pay directly through your online file

SRAM strongly recommends that you pay directly through your online file using a Visa or Mastercard credit card. Prepaid credit cards are accepted by the system, but you must ensure that the card has been activated and has a balance that is sufficient for the payment to go through.

Our system does not accept Interac or other debit payments or e-transfers.

Mailing your payment to SRAM

You may also pay the file processing fees by sending SRAM a bank draft or money order. Print the transmission receipt (directly from your online file) and place it in the envelope along with your bank draft or money order to ensure that the payment is applied to your file.

This payment must either be placed in the mail chute at SRAM’s offices or mailed to the following address:

5701 rue Christophe-Colomb, 
Montréal (Québec) H2S 2E9 

SRAM must receive your bank draft or money order before the deadline. Please note that the date of the postmark will not be taken into consideration.