Loans and bursaries programs

Student financial assistance program

The ministère de l'Éducation du Québec provides Québec students registered in a full-time program of study the possibility of obtaining financial assistance as part of its loans and bursaries program. Visit the Ministère’s website for more information. 

Certain CEGEPS also offer bursaries to students from other regions who are registered in specific programs. Contact the CEGEP you wish to attend to find out if they offer bursaries and if you are eligible.

Québec Perspective scholarship program

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, the Government of Québec is offering scholarships to Québec students who are registered full time in targeted programs as a result of labour shortages in certain sectors. As such, the Québec Perspective scholarship programs aims to increase the number of students graduating from programs related to strategic sectors for the economy and essential public services.   

Full-time students in the following programs leading to a Technical DCS are therefore eligible for a Québec Perspective scholarship.

College-level programs eligible for a Québec Perspective scholarship

Field of study

Program code

Name of program of study

Education  351.A0 or 351.A1 Special Care Counselling
Engineering 190.A0* Forest Products Processing


190.B0 Forest Technology
Engineering 210.AA

Laboratory Technology : Biotechnology

Engineering 210.AB

Laboratory Technology : Analytic Chemistry

Engineering 210.D0

Industrial Processes Technology

Engineering 221.A0

Architectural Technology

Engineering 221.B0

Civil Engineering Technology

Engineering 221.C0

Building Systems Technology

Engineering 230.AA

Geomatic Technology : Cartography

Engineering 230.AB

Geomatic Technology : Geodetic Surveying

Engineering 235.B0

Industrial Engineering Technology

Engineering 235.C0

Pharmaceutical Production Technology

Engineering 241.A0

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Engineering 241.B0*

Plastic Engineering Technology

Engineering 241.C0

Composite Materials Engineering Technology

Engineering 248.A0*

Naval Architecture Technology

Engineering 270.A0

Metallurgical Engineering Technology

Engineering 271.AA

Mineral Technology : Geology

Engineering 271.AB

Mineral Technology : Mining

Engineering 271.AC

Mineral Technology : Mineral Processing

Engineering 280.B0

Aerospace Engineering

Information Technologies 243.A0

Computer Engineering Technology

Information Technologies 243.BA

Electronics : Telecommunications

Information Technologies 243.BB

Electronics : Computers and Networks

Information Technologies 243.D0

Electrical Engineering Technology : Automation and Controls

Information Technologies 243.G0

Electrical Engineering Technology : Programmable Electronics

Information Technologies 244.A0

Engineering Physics Technology

Information Technologies 420.B0

Computer Science Technology

Information Technologies 574.B0

3D Animation and Computer-Generated Imagery

Information Technologies 582.A1

Multimedia Integration

Healthcare 141.A0

Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology

Healthcare 180.A0


Healthcare 180.B0

Nursing (after obtaining an Institutional and Homecare Assistance SSVD)

Childhood Education 322.A0

Early Childhood Education

Programs marked with an asterisk * are not offered in SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs. For detailed information on the scholarship program, see the following  web page.

Parcours scholarships for student mobility 

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, the Government of Québec is offering scholarships to help full-time students who choose to study in a CEGEP located far from their home (distance of 60 km or more). Eligible students can receive $7,500 per year for the normal duration of the program of study.

For detailed information on eligibility criteria and eligible CEGEPs, see the following web page.

The following are the SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs where students can apply for Parcours scholarships:

  • Cégep de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • Cégep de Shawinigan
  • Cégep de Sorel-Tracy
  • Cégep de Trois-Rivières

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