Mission and history

SRAM (Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain) was officially established in 1972 when 14 Montréal-area CEGEPs were looking for a solution to managing the multitude of applications for admissions. Over the years, other CEGEPs requested to be part of SRAM, bringing the current total to 32 college-level educational institutions, including 29 CEGEPs.

SRAM is a non-profit organization that does not receive any government financing. It provides services to those who want access to college-level education in Québec, to SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs and to the college network.  

SRAM's main mission is to process applications for admission to the DCS programs of SRAM-affiliated CEGEPs as well as certain applications for admission to the latter's continuing education programs.

SRAM's mission also includes disseminating basic information on CEGEP admissions and providing the CEGEP network with data processing and research services for follow-ups on its clientele.

In 1981, SRAM adopted the owl logo that has become its trademark. This owl symbolizes thought, seriousness, and wisdom. Because it is depicted in flight, SRAM’s owl also represents the action, decisions and application process that follow the student’s reflection and orientation. Minerva—who is the Goddess of Wisdom and Science in Roman mythology—is also represented by an owl.